SEO copywriting for luxury hotel chain

Langham_hotels-SEO1It can be quite a challenge to get your business organically ranked high in search engines.

It’s also potentially very, very lucrative to appear in the top ten searches.

Hong Kong’s English copywriter is quite good at achieving success in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Perhaps that’s how you found this site?

As well as optimising your search, I will ensure your message is on brand, persuasive and makes your website look professional.

My ability to integrate SEO and brand messaging is apparent on Langham Hotels International’s websites.

Langham operates luxury hotels in many of the world’s most popular destinations. I wrote much of the copy for their hotel websites Of course my work was guided by the terrific Langham SEO and branding teams.

“Hong Kong Hotels” is a very hotly contested search term. The success of Langham’s SEO efforts can be seen in the attached graphic. Langham properties consistently appear among the top ten for organic search for hotels in the destinations where they have a presence.