Professional services copywriting for multinational legal firm

cc-s-legal-copywriter-hong-kongHow do you appeal to the very, very top level venture capitalist?

The type of person who can literally change the world?

I’m talking here about the kind of people who back Google, champion sub-orbital tourism, finance recombinant DNA and are generally behind the coolest stuff imaginable.

You appeal to them the same way you appeal to anyone. You amuse them.

That was the guiding principle behind this project, which the English copywriter in Hong Kong helped devise.

Targeting the world’s most ambitious venture capitalists, the integrated advertising campaign for global legal services provider Clifford Chance focused on the idea that, It’s always more rewarding to play by the rules.

Hard to argue with that thought. And table football expresses it in a simple, engaging way.

To reinforce the idea, “Always play by the rules”, Clifford Chance first launched a precisely targeted print campaign.

Subsequently, the firm took a booth at an ultra high level global venture capital event in Hong Kong that challenged delegates to actually play table football. Delegates were also offered premium gifts that reinforced the idea.


The result? Lots of attention for Clifford Chance and a greater mindshare of some of the most influential individuals on the planet.