English copywriter, Hong Kong creative, Shanghai beer advertising

Hong-Kong-copywriter-freelance-beer-largeThere’s only one thing more fun than beer and that’s beer advertising.

Come to think of it, brewmasters are pretty fun too, as the English copywriter in Hong Kong found out during the development of this campaign for a new craft brewery in Shanghai.

If you ever find yourself in Shanghai, grab the Maglev from the airport then stroll a couple of blocks to the Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai. Even better, jog to the hotel and work up a bit of a thirst.

Upon entering the hotel, don’t be distracted by the sumptuous surroundings. Resist any tempting aromas (you will encounter many), and head straight for the craft brewery, The BREW. When there, ask Leon the brewmaster to pull you a delicious fresh frothing pint of his amazing beer. Tell him the English Copywriter in Hong Kong sends his regards, raise your glasses, and drink a toast to art director Michelle Miralles, photographer Todd Taylor and crew, and the great team at the hotel who all helped to make this shot look so cool.