Professional services copywriting

B2B copywriting is in my DNA

B2B-copywriter-in-HK-DNAI like doing B2B copywriting. There’s always something new to learn.

Before I worked with Hong Kong MdX pioneer DiagCor I had no clue about molecular diagnostics. By the time the project ended, I’d learned about polymerase chain reactions, translational medicine, hybridization and a bunch of other amazing stuff related to DNA sequencing and analysis.

I had the privilege to work with DiagCor as part of a rebranding project led by Hong Kong-based branding agency Stepworks. DiagCor is a true innovator. However many potential customers thought it was just a distributor – an important part of the project involved developing key messages to position DiagCor appropriately. You can read more about the DiagCor rebranding project here.

Perhaps the biggest challenge in B2B copywriting is to explain complex offerings in a simple and engaging way. As a B2B copywriter it’s essential to thoroughly understand the topic. With DiaCor that meant visiting the Hong Kong lab to learn about the remarkable processes behind gene amplification and analysis. That was truly fascinating and I’m always eager to get involved with new topics via B2B copywriting.


Professional services copywriting for multinational legal firm

cc-s-legal-copywriter-hong-kongHow do you appeal to the very, very top level venture capitalist?

The type of person who can literally change the world?

I’m talking here about the kind of people who back Google, champion sub-orbital tourism, finance recombinant DNA and are generally behind the coolest stuff imaginable.

You appeal to them the same way you appeal to anyone. You amuse them.

That was the guiding principle behind this project, which the English copywriter in Hong Kong helped devise.

Targeting the world’s most ambitious venture capitalists, the integrated advertising campaign for global legal services provider Clifford Chance focused on the idea that, It’s always more rewarding to play by the rules.

Hard to argue with that thought. And table football expresses it in a simple, engaging way.
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Business writer for professional certification body

Hong_Kong_Business_writerHong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants is the only body authorised by law to register and grant practising certificates to certified public accountants in Hong Kong.

These two print executions were part of a rebranding exercise the Hong Kong copywriter (who specialises in English) helped them develop.

The objective of the campaign was to launch their new brand and highlight their brand DNA – “the success ingredient”. Who needs images when you have strong words? There’s another execution past the fold. [Read more…]

Corporate services print advertising campaign copywriting

Tricor-HKThe English copywriter developed this print campaign for Tricor, Hong Kong’s largest provider of corporate services.

Deceptively simple, the ads quickly communicate various services this company offers in an an engaging way.

The key to this kind of work is to find some way of presenting the brand in an understated way.

But if it’s understated, will it get noticed?


This kind of advertising typically appears in trade media or special sections that are cluttered with busy, unfocused and poorly produced executions.

In such an environment, an interesting benefit-driven headline or pithy observation goes a long way to getting attention and conveying the quality of the brand.