Jingle writing

Jingle for HK Disneyland opening

When Hong Kong Disneyland first opened, the HK Government decided it would be a good idea to run an advertising campaign to alert the public to the various transportation routes to the park.

The Hong Kong copywriter came up with the pitch-winning campaign.

For me the most interesting aspect of it was my jingle, which became a popular success. You can hear it below without the voice over.

“It’s More Fun When You Plan Plan Plan”

The local mobile companies pirated it for a ringtone. Radio DJs were encouraging people to call in and sing alternative endings.

I think it was popular because of the inherent contradiction in the message… that something is more fun when you plan plan plan. In fact a little spontaneity and surprise is often more fun.

I heard that the kid’s accent annoyed some people. That’s another factor that helped it get noticed.