Hospitality copywriting

Naming a new gourmet mobile catering company

brand-naming-services-hongkongIt can be a challenge to come up with the right name for a new business.

A strong name will help people understand the offering. It will stick in the mind. And that’s where you want your name to be – superglued tight into your customer’s mind where no boring competitor name can hope to dislodge it.

Working with Hong Kong branding agency Stepworks, I helped coin a name for Hong Kong personal chef Tom Burney’s new mobile gourmet catering service.

Invisible Kitchen.

The name is effective because it suggests mobile catering and opens interesting creative possibilities.

Next time you think gourmet catering in Hong Kong, and you think Invisible Kitchen, you know who to think. Thank. Something like that.

English copywriter, Hong Kong creative, Shanghai beer advertising

Hong-Kong-copywriter-freelance-beer-largeThere’s only one thing more fun than beer and that’s beer advertising.

Come to think of it, brewmasters are pretty fun too, as the English copywriter in Hong Kong found out during the development of this campaign for a new craft brewery in Shanghai.

If you ever find yourself in Shanghai, grab the Maglev from the airport then stroll a couple of blocks to the Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai. Even better, jog to the hotel and work up a bit of a thirst.

Upon entering the hotel, don’t be distracted by the sumptuous surroundings. Resist any tempting aromas (you will encounter many), and head straight for the craft brewery, The BREW. When there, ask Leon the brewmaster to pull you a delicious fresh frothing pint of his amazing beer. Tell him the English Copywriter in Hong Kong sends his regards, raise your glasses, and drink a toast to art director Michelle Miralles, photographer Todd Taylor and crew, and the great team at the hotel who all helped to make this shot look so cool.

SEO copywriting for luxury hotel chain

Langham_hotels-SEO1It can be quite a challenge to get your business organically ranked high in search engines.

It’s also potentially very, very lucrative to appear in the top ten searches.

Hong Kong’s English copywriter is quite good at achieving success in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Perhaps that’s how you found this site?

As well as optimising your search, I will ensure your message is on brand, persuasive and makes your website look professional.

My ability to integrate SEO and brand messaging is apparent on Langham Hotels International’s websites.

Langham operates luxury hotels in many of the world’s most popular destinations. I wrote much of the copy for their hotel websites Of course my work was guided by the terrific Langham SEO and branding teams.

“Hong Kong Hotels” is a very hotly contested search term. The success of Langham’s SEO efforts can be seen in the attached graphic. Langham properties consistently appear among the top ten for organic search for hotels in the destinations where they have a presence.

Print ad for Intercontinental Hong Kong

intercontinentalwidescreenThe Intercontinental Hong Kong is one of the city’s finest hotels, and certainly offers one of the best views.

To highlight this view, the Hong Kong English copywriter developed this print ad for this magnificent property for an insertion into Conde Naste Traveler.

Hong Kong Disneyland pre-launch website text

hongkongdisneylandhotelWay back even before there was a Hong Kong Disneyland, the HK copywriter was working on their website copy.

Specifically, I wrote the prelaunch website text for the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.

These two projects were quite interesting because of the subtle differences in branding and audience.

Later I wrote and designed a WAP (anyone remember WAP?) website for the theme park and wrote a weddings brochure.

The WAP site was particularly challenging because it required a lot of description in a very small space and also had to be easily navigated.