Consumer products copywriting

A consumer products brand slogan

slogan-copywriter-hongkongThe English copywriter in Hong Kong likes working with Tai Shing Diary Limited. The company publishes a range of notebooks and diaries sold all over the world.

Their meetings can be fun. As I left the briefing about revamping the company’s house brand Daycraft, I thought to myself, “Well that really made my day.” [Read more…]

Advertising copywriting for consumer electronics product

Bluetrek is a rising star in the Bluetooth accessories category.

The Hong Kong English copywriter helped devise an integrated advertising campaign to globally launch their flagship Crescendo – the world’s friendliest Bluetooth headset.

In addition to this video, the campaign included print ads, posters, brochures, a website and another video targeting trade…

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Self-help book Christmas premium

WTP-cover-freelance-copywriterThe more use you get from something, the better it is… Right?

This is a principle the Hong Kong English copywriter firmly believes in.

What’s the Point is useful little self-help book which demonstrates this principle in action.

The book details a series of simple but effective acupressure points that can be stimulated in response to a range of situation. Each point is illustrated with a fun cartoon.

The booklet started life as the annual Christmas gift that Hong Kong branding and creative communications company Stepworks sends to friends each year .

Subsequently a major luxury hotel chain picked out some of the pages for use in guest communications.

Even some book publishers have expressed an interest in taking it further.
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