B2B copywriting

B2B copywriting is in my DNA

B2B-copywriter-in-HK-DNAI like doing B2B copywriting. There’s always something new to learn.

Before I worked with Hong Kong MdX pioneer DiagCor I had no clue about molecular diagnostics. By the time the project ended, I’d learned about polymerase chain reactions, translational medicine, hybridization and a bunch of other amazing stuff related to DNA sequencing and analysis.

I had the privilege to work with DiagCor as part of a rebranding project led by Hong Kong-based branding agency Stepworks. DiagCor is a true innovator. However many potential customers thought it was just a distributor – an important part of the project involved developing key messages to position DiagCor appropriately. You can read more about the DiagCor rebranding project here.

Perhaps the biggest challenge in B2B copywriting is to explain complex offerings in a simple and engaging way. As a B2B copywriter it’s essential to thoroughly understand the topic. With DiaCor that meant visiting the Hong Kong lab to learn about the remarkable processes behind gene amplification and analysis. That was truly fascinating and I’m always eager to get involved with new topics via B2B copywriting.


Self-help book Christmas premium

WTP-cover-freelance-copywriterThe more use you get from something, the better it is… Right?

This is a principle the Hong Kong English copywriter firmly believes in.

What’s the Point is useful little self-help book which demonstrates this principle in action.

The book details a series of simple but effective acupressure points that can be stimulated in response to a range of situation. Each point is illustrated with a fun cartoon.

The booklet started life as the annual Christmas gift that Hong Kong branding and creative communications company Stepworks sends to friends each year .

Subsequently a major luxury hotel chain picked out some of the pages for use in guest communications.

Even some book publishers have expressed an interest in taking it further.
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Print campaign for market research company

synovatehomework-197x300The English copywriter in Hong Kong completed quite a lot of projects for global market research specialist Synovate.

In fact I even came up with their breakthrough “curiosity” brand DNA/positioning.

When it comes to market research, this little print ad says it all, “To get to the top of your class you have to do your homework.”

This particular ad ran in Media magazine.

At one point I wrote all the copy for Synovate’s series of brochures and their website

I developed the navigation for the Synovate website too. I believe website copy and navigation should ideally be developed by the same person. That way you get a much tighter, more focused site that is more goal driven.

An existing company gets a new name

beanstalkThe company formerly known as Asia Financial Networks develops software solutions for major financial institutions.

They sought a new company name that was memorable, evocative and communicated a sense of flair.

The Hong Kong copywriter solution?