B2B copywriting is in my DNA

B2B-copywriter-in-HK-DNAI like doing B2B copywriting. There’s always something new to learn.

Before I worked with Hong Kong MdX pioneer DiagCor I had no clue about molecular diagnostics. By the time the project ended, I’d learned about polymerase chain reactions, translational medicine, hybridization and a bunch of other amazing stuff related to DNA sequencing and analysis.

I had the privilege to work with DiagCor as part of a rebranding project led by Hong Kong-based branding agency Stepworks. DiagCor is a true innovator. However many potential customers thought it was just a distributor – an important part of the project involved developing key messages to position DiagCor appropriately. You can read more about the DiagCor rebranding project here.

Perhaps the biggest challenge in B2B copywriting is to explain complex offerings in a simple and engaging way. As a B2B copywriter it’s essential to thoroughly understand the topic. With DiaCor that meant visiting the Hong Kong lab to learn about the remarkable processes behind gene amplification and analysis. That was truly fascinating and I’m always eager to get involved with new topics via B2B copywriting.


Naming a new gourmet mobile catering company

brand-naming-services-hongkongIt can be a challenge to come up with the right name for a new business.

A strong name will help people understand the offering. It will stick in the mind. And that’s where you want your name to be – superglued tight into your customer’s mind where no boring competitor name can hope to dislodge it.

Working with Hong Kong branding agency Stepworks, I helped coin a name for Hong Kong personal chef Tom Burney’s new mobile gourmet catering service.

Invisible Kitchen.

The name is effective because it suggests mobile catering and opens interesting creative possibilities.

Next time you think gourmet catering in Hong Kong, and you think Invisible Kitchen, you know who to think. Thank. Something like that.