English copywriter, Hong Kong creative, Shanghai beer advertising

Hong-Kong-copywriter-freelance-beer-largeThere’s only one thing more fun than beer and that’s beer advertising.

Come to think of it, brewmasters are pretty fun too, as the English copywriter in Hong Kong found out during the development of this campaign for a new craft brewery in Shanghai.

If you ever find yourself in Shanghai, grab the Maglev from the airport then stroll a couple of blocks to the Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai. Even better, jog to the hotel and work up a bit of a thirst.

Upon entering the hotel, don’t be distracted by the sumptuous surroundings. Resist any tempting aromas (you will encounter many), and head straight for the craft brewery, The BREW. When there, ask Leon the brewmaster to pull you a delicious fresh frothing pint of his amazing beer. Tell him the English Copywriter in Hong Kong sends his regards, raise your glasses, and drink a toast to art director Michelle Miralles, photographer Todd Taylor and crew, and the great team at the hotel who all helped to make this shot look so cool.

Professional services copywriting for multinational legal firm

cc-s-legal-copywriter-hong-kongHow do you appeal to the very, very top level venture capitalist?

The type of person who can literally change the world?

I’m talking here about the kind of people who back Google, champion sub-orbital tourism, finance recombinant DNA and are generally behind the coolest stuff imaginable.

You appeal to them the same way you appeal to anyone. You amuse them.

That was the guiding principle behind this project, which the English copywriter in Hong Kong helped devise.

Targeting the world’s most ambitious venture capitalists, the integrated advertising campaign for global legal services provider Clifford Chance focused on the idea that, It’s always more rewarding to play by the rules.

Hard to argue with that thought. And table football expresses it in a simple, engaging way.
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Copywriting for products targeting children and parents

The English copywriter in Hong Kong has a lot of fun working on the Kidztory brand. This is a very interesting product line that’s on the forefront of technology and early education.

Kidztory produce popular children’s animated storybook apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

As well as classic children’s tales and innovative original stories published under the Kidztory brand, the company produces storybook apps for Harper Collins and other publishers.

A consumer products brand slogan

slogan-copywriter-hongkongThe English copywriter in Hong Kong likes working with Tai Shing Diary Limited. The company publishes a range of notebooks and diaries sold all over the world.

Their meetings can be fun. As I left the briefing about revamping the company’s house brand Daycraft, I thought to myself, “Well that really made my day.” [Read more…]

Advertising copywriting for consumer electronics product

Bluetrek is a rising star in the Bluetooth accessories category.

The Hong Kong English copywriter helped devise an integrated advertising campaign to globally launch their flagship Crescendo – the world’s friendliest Bluetooth headset.

In addition to this video, the campaign included print ads, posters, brochures, a website and another video targeting trade…

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Internal DM campaign for multinational conglomerate

freelance-copywriter-dmWho is your most important audience?

Most marketers would answer, “The customers”.

This is only partly right. Your customers won’t get your message if your salespeople don’t get it. And on some level all employees are salespeople. So your most important audience is arguably your employees.

That’s why it’s crucial to develop an effective internal communications programme.

The Hong Kong English copywriter helped develop this internal communications campaign for the relaunch of Swire’s employee intranet of intranets.

The website, GPOBOXONE.com (named after the group’s prestigious Hong Kong postal address) aims to unite teams from a wide range of companies in a single online community.

SEO copywriting for luxury hotel chain

Langham_hotels-SEO1It can be quite a challenge to get your business organically ranked high in search engines.

It’s also potentially very, very lucrative to appear in the top ten searches.

Hong Kong’s English copywriter is quite good at achieving success in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Perhaps that’s how you found this site?

As well as optimising your search, I will ensure your message is on brand, persuasive and makes your website look professional.

My ability to integrate SEO and brand messaging is apparent on Langham Hotels International’s websites.

Langham operates luxury hotels in many of the world’s most popular destinations. I wrote much of the copy for their hotel websites Of course my work was guided by the terrific Langham SEO and branding teams.

“Hong Kong Hotels” is a very hotly contested search term. The success of Langham’s SEO efforts can be seen in the attached graphic. Langham properties consistently appear among the top ten for organic search for hotels in the destinations where they have a presence.

Asset manager brand positioning and brochure

MA01-financial-services-brochure-copywriting-212x300Mirae Asset is a remarkable Korean financial institution.

Launched at the height of the 1997 Asian financial crises, the company pioneered consumer mutual fund investing in Korea.
Its dominant position in Korea’s retail investment sector has enabled it to rapidly expand at home and overseas. The Hong Kong English copywriter helped the company in many ways, from video scripts to advertising, websites, collaterals and more.

I also coined the Mirae Asset brand positioning line: Building on principles.

The photographs for this Mirae Asset corporate brochure were shot at an airstrip in London during an icy gale. Ohhhhh the hardships the Hong Kong English copywriter will endure for his clients.

The brochure spreads demonstrate how a strong brand slogan can lead to interesting creative possibilities.

The bridge depicted is from a design by Leonardo Da Vinci.
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Self-help book Christmas premium

WTP-cover-freelance-copywriterThe more use you get from something, the better it is… Right?

This is a principle the Hong Kong English copywriter firmly believes in.

What’s the Point is useful little self-help book which demonstrates this principle in action.

The book details a series of simple but effective acupressure points that can be stimulated in response to a range of situation. Each point is illustrated with a fun cartoon.

The booklet started life as the annual Christmas gift that Hong Kong branding and creative communications company Stepworks sends to friends each year .

Subsequently a major luxury hotel chain picked out some of the pages for use in guest communications.

Even some book publishers have expressed an interest in taking it further.
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Kellogg-HKUST EMBA advertising/rebrand campaign

Education-copywriting-300x259The Kellogg-HKUST EMBA programme is consistently rated among the world’s top three by objective observers who measure a number of factors, including graduate earning power.

The success of this programme is a remarkable achievement and has helped put Hong Kong on the map as a regional destination for senior executive education.

The English copywriter in Hong Kong led the creative team for a student recruitment advertising campaign for the programme, and also coined the tagline: The world class as part of a brand enhancement exercise.

The advertising campaign posed intriguing questions, the answers to which were found at a URL.