Looking for a freelance English copywriter in Hong Kong?

There are many reasons to look for a copywriter in Hong Kong. You may want to develop an effective website or online presence. Or perhaps create a persuasive brochure or advertising campaign. Do you want a convincing business plan or powerful marketing strategy? The English copywriter in Hong Kong may be the right partner for you.

The power of a good story

It’s worth investing in a copywriter because the words you choose are your most important tool.

Whether you’re selling tubes of toothpaste or your entire company to investors as an IPO launch, a strong story can make a dramatic difference to the results.

I have over two decades of experience creating and writing print, TV, radio and interactive campaigns.

Work with me and you will be in good company. My clients have included international advertising agencies and many of the world’s most respected brands. I like to work with smaller companies and start-ups too.

I have written everything from ads, brochures, books, TV commercials, videos and films to DM, websites, SEO, press articles, business plans and even the odd bit of industrial poetry.

Language anyone can understand

My work appears all over the world. Does your audience consist of people from different cultures and backgrounds? Then my work is doubly valuable to you. I use simple, expressive language that’s free from local idioms so everyone will understand your story.

With my associates I can also help you with almost any aspect of your branding and marketing communications needs.

So if you want effective words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, stories, whatever, then contact the Hong Kong freelance English copywriter today. Thanks!